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Dynamic Duo: wire Dusseldorf & Tube Dusseldorf

Posted by Justin Kesselring on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 @ 11:58 AM

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wire Düsseldorf & Tube Düsseldorf, a true "dynamic duo" of trade fairs, is set once again for March 26-30, 2012. The shows now proudly boast that this next staging will be the largest in the history of the two fairs. With 1,200 exhibitors from wire & 800 exhibitors from Tube, the show will be spread through 15 of the halls of the Düsseldorf fairgrounds on over 1 million square feet of space. By comparison, however, wire & Tube came from rather humble beginnings.

Several regular exhibitors have commented that they remember exhibiting at these fairs before they were ever in Düsseldorf. Indeed the predecessors to "wire Düsseldorf" started in the late 1960s in London. Out of growing demand for a meeting point for the growing industry sector & a need for a central location, the previous organizers agreed to hold "wire" in Basel, Switzerland in 1972 on a two-year cycle, which lasted until 1984 when the fairgrounds became too small.

wire then moved to Düsseldorf in 1986, featuring 488 exhibitors on over 290,000 square feet. Tube was founded in Düsseldorf two years later in 1988 and together the two fairs grew robustly through the 1990s and have been staged together ever since. After a brief period of stagnation due to the economic climate in the early turn of the century, the shows began to show signs of growth again in 2008 and have continued this trend – even through the economic slowdown during these past few years!

Anyone in the wire & cable and tube & pipe industries know this is a must-see event. To register & purchase entrance badges to these trade fairs, simply go to or - your print-at-home tickets also include free travel on Düsseldorf’s extensive public transportation network.

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Experience "360 degrees watersports" at boot Düsseldorf 2011

Posted by Justin Kesselring on Tue, Jun 22, 2010 @ 09:10 AM


Sporting some of the new attire is your boot Düsseldorf team from Messe Düsseldorf North America in Chicago: Anne Meerboth-Maltz, Justin Kesselring, Eva Rowe and Tom Mitchell.



From its modest beginnings in 1969, the idea of organizing a boating & watersports trade fair so far inland was first met with a lot of skepticism.  The first ever boot Düsseldorf filled up a single exhibition hall with 116 exhibitors.  As it turned out, that was just the first chapter in a major success story.  Now in its 42nd run, boot Düsseldorf is renowned worldwide as the leading fair for boating and watersports, and as a testament to how much the show has grown, boot Düsseldorf now fills 17 exhibition halls on 2.3 million square feet, features over 1,500 exhibitors and brings around 240,000 trade visitors.

At the helm for 39 out of those past 42 years, former project director Abdul-Rahman Adib lead boot Düsseldorf on its way to the top.  Now the torch has been passed to new project director Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, and with this new project director come some new, innovative ideas:  Mr. Jungmichel has been working to rebrand boot Düsseldorf to keep things fresh. It begins with embracing a new motto: to "enjoy a 360° water sports experience".  This sets a new standard and extends boot's concept proving that joining in water sports and having fun in the water is for everyone!  Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in one of the many “infotainment” areas:

1) Suit up and submerge yourself in a second dive tank in Hall 3

2) Try out some trend sports (such as wakeboarding & stand-up paddling) in a giant pool in Hall 1

3) Test your fishing skills at the Sportfisher Center in Hall 12

It’s no easy task to take a concept that has worked so well over several decades and completely rethink the entire process, and of course, no one would completely scrap the entire backbone of the show.  Mr. Jungmichel has, over the past year, struck a good balance between the old concepts that turned boot Düsseldorf  into the powerhouse that it was and new concepts that will sustain the leading trade show for many decades to come.

Potential exhibitors wishing to take advantage of this premier event for boating and watersports should consider signing up soon to be considered for prime placement – hall planning begins after June 30!  To request exhibitor materials, you can download registration forms here, or contact us at MDNA for more information!

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Messe Dusseldorf Acquires Wire & Cable India

Posted by Justin Kesselring on Tue, May 25, 2010 @ 10:37 AM

Wire and Cable India logoJust a few weeks ago, Messe Düsseldorf acquired Wire & Cable India - Exhibition and Conference for the Wire & Cable Industry - scheduled for November 18-20, 2010. The acquisition of this trade show was both long and eagerly awaited by those at Messe Düsseldorf and the show is ready to take its place among the high-caliber international trade shows also organized by Messe Düsseldorf in Germany, China, Russia and Bangkok.

What advantages does Messe Düsseldorf bring as organizer?

The Confederation of Indian Industry has played a proactive role in organizing important conferences and trade fairs (Wire & Cable India included) in various industry sectors in India and abroad. Messe Düsseldorf is renowned worldwide as the organizer of first-class international trade fairs around the globe, including wire Düsseldorf - the leading international Wire & Cable Trade Fair, held every two years in Düsseldorf Germany. With its extensive list of wire & cable contacts eager to bring their products to the Indian market, Messe Düsseldorf, with its subsidiary Messe Düsseldorf India, will take over worldwide exhibitor promotion. But it's a team effort that will make this trade show flourish - the CII will remain the coordinating partner and will be in charge of visitor promotion and attracting the leading buyers from the Indian market as well as organizing the international conference that will take place during the event.

We're just crawling out of an economic crisis! Is now a good time to invest?

It's true that years of rapid industrial growth in the wire and cable industry came to a screeching halt in the wake of the 2009 economic downturn. In response, the Indian government created three stimulus packages since December 2008. One of the key provisions in these packages provides funding for infrastructure projects, especially in the construction, telecommunication and automotive areas of industry - the main customers of the wire & cable industry! And with current projections pointing to an economic recovery, now is a perfectly good time to investigate this market!

Ultimately its acquisition by Messe Düsseldorf brings a bright forecast for the future of Wire & Cable India. For a regional trade show, Messe Düsseldorf's wide outreach should be able to increase the internationality of the event, bringing the top industry leaders from the United States, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Spain, among others! For exhibitors abroad, it will open a door to a booming market. For further details, please contact Messe Düsseldorf North America at (312) 781-5180.

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U.S. company slides in first in online registration for DRUPA 2012

Posted by Justin Kesselring on Fri, May 21, 2010 @ 12:40 PM

photo of drupa organizersThough the world's leading print media trade fair is still two years away, it was an American Company, Garrido Manufacturing, Inc., that committed immediately. Within just a few hours of receiving the registration link, Garrido Manufacturing had registered online, signed and became the first company to turn in their application for DRUPA 2012!

Pictured are Joachim Schäfer and Manuel Mataré from Messe Düsseldorf, organizers of DRUPA, Nicolas Garrido of Garrido Manufacturing and Luca Corradini from CMC Italia at the DRUPA 2012 stand at Ipex in Birmingham, UK.

Will you be joining Garrido May 3 - 16, 2012 at DRUPA? Contact Messe Düsseldorf North America for further details!

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boot Dusseldorf 2010 officially open

Posted by Justin Kesselring on Mon, Jan 25, 2010 @ 10:43 AM

boot Dusseldorf 2010Having opened its doors this past Saturday, boating and watersports enthusiasts gathered in Dusseldorf from around the world for the 41st boot Dusseldorf 2010. With 1,568 exhibitors from 55 countries, is clear that, in spite of a tough year for the industry, boot Dusseldorf has maintained its course as the leading event for the boating and watersports industries worldwide.

This year, a new project director, Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, is behind the helm and has combined the tradition that has made boot Dusseldorf a success over the years with new ideas. Embracing a slogan of "360° Watersports Live", boot Dusseldorf 2010 promises its visitors a more hands-on experience, where they are encouraged to participate on-site. Visitors can visit hall 3 and test diving equipment live in a second diving tank, practice stand-up paddling in the action pool at Beach World.

boot Dusseldorf 2010Boating enthusiasts may also browse the range of boats, from the superyachts to kayaks, boot Dusseldorf has them all. This year's trends are especially focusing on a return to smaller boats, whose simplicity and affordability aim to attract newcomers and especially families to embrace boating as a new hobby.

It's already clear after three days that the industry is optimistic for the year ahead and can count on boot Dusseldorf to lead the way. Having started on January 23, boot Dusseldorf will run until Sunday, January 31, and visitors are encouraged to participate daily from 10am - 6pm. For more information, contact Messe Dusseldorf North America at (312) 781-5180 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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