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DIBS Redux

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 @ 10:24 AM

Just opening the vault and dusting off an old chestnut here.  This article is a variation of one previously posted after Chicago's "Snowmageddon" of February 2011.  Enjoy!

Perhaps many of you heard this past week that Chicago had a little bit of snow. That is to say, A LOT of snow, followed by what they tell us was a "polar vortex" that sent temperatures plunging to 15F below zero at night with high temperatures in the -5F range during the daytime.  Not only did we end up with about 15-20 inches of the white stuff, we then dealt with 30+ mile per hour wind gusts, snow drifts, and a virtual collapse of commuter rail service. 
Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

But Chicago is generally prepared and has snow removal down to a science, and now that the temperature is on the rebound for the time being, things are returning more or less to normal.

But on the side streets, it usually takes a couple of days before a snowplow will pay a visit and shove mounds of crusty packed snow up against the vehicles parked along the curb.

describe the image
Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune
  Now anyone who lives in our fair city is familiar with the concept of “dibs”.  This tradition goes back years, and some of our grizzled old-timers say it even precedes the notorious blizzard of 1967.  Essentially, before a side street is plowed, or even afterwards, the residents shovel out their own parking spots on the street and then save them by placing whatever expendable junk they happen to have on hand in the space they have just dug out.  

That means the space now belongs to the excavator.  If you park in a saved spot, you may run some unfortunate risks that could eventually involve your car insurance company.

Hence:  DIBS.

At many of our trade shows that occur on a frequent basis, especially an annual show like MEDICA for example, an informal variation of dibs also exists.  The number of companies that return to the show from year to year is high, and there is a relatively brief registration window in which companies can submit their exhibit space applications.  Often the amount of space that is requested at MEDICA far exceeds the amount of space available at the convention center.

Returning exhibitors who submit their applications before the deadline often will get priority consideration for the same space that they had during the previous show, followed then by new-to-show exhibitors who also submitted their applications before the registration deadline.  Many times, exhibitors will request an enlargement of their space, or move to another location if possible.  But of course with 4,000+ exhibitors at MEDICA it all depends on who has returned and who is getting their space back.  Usually the best way to increase your chances of upsizing or relocating is by expressing flexibility about preferred booth dimensions, configuration, or location.

Under all circumstances, Messe Düsseldorf works diligently to try and accommodate everyone’s special requests and space requirements in a fair and equitable manner.

Registration for MEDICA is now open and runs until March 1, but it is strongly encouraged that you submit your completed registration forms well in advance of the deadline.  To request your exhibitor registration materials, simply contact us or visit the show’s website,, and get your dibs on a booth at the world’s largest and leading medical industry trade fair!

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A Question of Perspective

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 @ 17:34 PM

By Nina Wellbrock

Shortly after the recent Labor Day weekend was over, everybody just went back to their routine. Activities like spending time at the beach, enjoying a BBQ with friends or visiting family just flew by quickly. And now everybody is back to reality, complete with traffic jams, too many e-mails and phone calls, grabbing a quick lunch between meetings – there is always too much to do.  But let us ask a question of perspective - how much do we really think about our everyday activities such as picking up the phone, writing an e-mail or setting up a meeting compared to planning a Labor Day weekend? 
  describe the image  

Not much, because to us it’s just normal “procedure”. But for people who come to the international trade fair REHACARE in Dusseldorf, Germany, it does. They are looking for the newest technologies for every aspect which makes life easier for those with special needs, chronic illnesses or requiring care. Their perspective is on the little as well as on the big achievements which helps them with their daily activities and become or stay as independent as possible.

describe the image    With over 30 years of expertise and wide-ranging experience in the market, this trade fair is an ideal information platform for anyone with disabilities or chronic conditions as well as for the elderly. The quality and diversity of REHACARE are reflected in the numerous „theme parks“, information events, industry representatives, service providers.  

Over 700 national and international exhibitors will present a combination of product demonstrations and complex system solutions as well as a wide range of information in form of seminars and workshops in addition to the theme parks.

For more information about everything to see and discover at REHACARE 2013, visit

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Shoes and Cocktails - What a Nice Combination!

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Mon, Sep 9, 2013 @ 12:11 PM

By Nina Wellbrock

When you search for “shoes” on Google, you will get about 812,000,000 results in approximately 0.28 seconds. That’s an indicator of just how huge and popular this industry is and how many people are excited about footwear. Of course it depends on a person’s perspective and intention why they google “shoes”. Does he/she like shopping and writing about the new trends on a blog, is it a kid who is excited about a new pair of sneakers before school starts again, a business man or woman who needs a classy pair of shoes to make a great first impression or someone who is just looking for the perfect fit and comfort for every day?

As a trade buyer you know your customers and their objectives - and there is one place where you will find the latest trends in all footwear segments and answers to every shoe question: GDS 2013 - international event for shoes and accessories and GLOBAL SHOES 2013 - leading trade show for sourcing in Düsseldorf, Germany.    Hall 2 21  

It's the international platform for shoes and accessories attracting over 1,100 exhibitors and around 22,000 trade visitors every season.

Held twice annually, the next staging of GDS will take place soon: from September 11 – 13 2013. And GDS has some outstanding highlights waiting for you – in addition to all the wonderful footwear collections - including the Fashion Shows, where shoes are presented as part of complete outfits. These Fashion Shows take place several times daily and provide you with the most important information for the new season, helping you to order more effectively and better advise your customers.

DesignAttack2013    In the special Design Attack segment with this year’s slogan "BAHAMA MAMA!" about 100 designers and young entrepreneurs will showcase their unusual collections - it’s the trendy place to be at GDS 2013.  

Exhibitors and visitors can enjoy fresh fruit and tasty cocktails at beach bars. The atmosphere at Design Attack invites for a relaxing break during a tight schedule.

You can check out the featured labels, see videos of past shows and register for a free entrance pass at

By the way: if you search for “Bahama Mama” on Google, you’ll find some awesome cocktail recipes. Let us show you what a great combination shoes and cocktails are!


Posted by Ryan Klemm on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 13:11 PM

“When will MEDICA establish a foothold in the United States?”

This has actually been a fairly common question overhead often over the years as those in the medical equipment field have pondered their trade show choices in the North American market.  Historically, medical trade shows in the United States have always been primarily divided into events focused on a particular specialized vertical segments of the industry or region they serve.

Conversely, for over 40 years, MEDICA – World Forum for Medicine – has successfully pursued an alternative strategy of assembling medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers from all fields and has become the world’s largest and leading medical industry event, annually featuring around 4,500 exhibitors and attracting on average 130,000+ visitors from around the world.   describe the image
                   The USA Pavilion at MEDICA in Düsseldorf



After many years and much diligent market research, Messe Düsseldorf North America has now partnered with the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) and world-renowned Texas Medical Center (TMC) to launch the inaugural staging of MEDICAL WORLD AMERICAS!  To be held April 28-30, 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas USA – the WORLD OF MEDICA will finally offer an unprecedented business forum for the North American professional medical community that until now has not been offered in the United States.

describe the image
Texas Medical Center in Houston
                                                                                                                              Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world, comprising 14 hospitals and 2 specialty institutions, 3 medical schools, 6 nursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health, pharmacy and virtually all health-related careers.  Its 52 member institutions make up a work force of 106,000 and are highly regarded as leaders in their specialties.  

MEDICAL WORLD AMERICAS will give attendees the chance to efficiently source a variety of medical products from many sectors, from prevention and diagnostics to therapy and rehabilitation.  The exposition will also provide a platform for business, connecting delegates with the vendors and resources that can accommodate their needs.

While the entire industry spectrum will be represented on the show floor, for the first staging of this trade fair, medical professionals from six key disciplines will be targeted:  Medical Equipment and Device Purchasing, Infection Control, Oncology, Cardiology, Hospital Occupational Health and Safety, and Hospital Disaster Readiness.

The accompanying conference program also promises to provide detailed perspective for the industry, highlighting current and future trends for in-patient and out-patient care.  Content is under development by specialists and faculty members from the Texas Medical Center system, with member institutions including the University of Texas MD Anderson, the Texas Heart Institute and Baylor College of Medicine – all ranked very highly in their respective specialties by U.S. News and World Report.         describe the image
                  George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston

But in the meantime, exhibitor registration is now open! 
Visit for details, updates, and all information related to this exciting and promising event!

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Sao Paulo, Brazil: Redefined

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 15:43 PM

A few weeks ago there was an absorbing article by New York Times travel columnist Simon Romero, raving about the urban gentrification of Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo.

He pointed out in years past that this metropolis of 20 million was intimidating, some areas decaying, and an aura of pervasive poverty and crime. But in the past 10 years, this city named after Saint Paul has undergone an amazing transformation. With the country’s ongoing unparalleled economic expansion, the rapidly expanding middle class has rediscovered the city as a place for living, work, and recreation.   describe the image  

Noticeably, waves of immigrants from elsewhere in the Americas, and from as far away as Europe, Africa, and Asia are making their way in as well to carve their niche into Paulistan society, bringing with them rich heritage and new vigor every society needs to grow and move forward.

This is the perfect metaphor for what has been occurring within the medical industry in Brazil as well. As more and more Brazilians have prospered, the demand for ever better medical care has logically increased as well. Brazil’s market for medical technology grew by almost 18% in 2011 and has achieved a volume of US$ 7.6 billion. In 2011, the importation value of medical equipment and products from abroad was placed at US$ 3.03 billion, over 40% of total consumption!

Hospitalar 2013, International Fair of Products, Equipment, Services and Technology for Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Health Clinics and Medical Offices has now for 20 years been the country’s leading international medical trade fair, serving as the perfect platform for overseas companies to enter this thriving and growing market. From the US and Canada alone nearly 60 companies will be on hand presenting their latest technologies and products – of which over a third will participate in the North American Pavilion, organized and produced by Messe Düsseldorf North America.

Annually, Hospitalar has featured around 1,300 exhibitors and enjoyed over 90,000 trade visits – making it not only Latin America’s largest and leading medical industry trade show, but one of the largest in the world.

So why not check out São Paulo and see for yourself all of the exciting developments, not just within the medical sector, but the vibrancy of the city.

And just a tip: If you go there and want one of the most fantastic dining experiences ever, visit Mocoto Restaurante & Cachaçaria. The young chef there, Rodrigo Oliveira, is pushing the envelope of Brazilian cuisine and raising it to new and exciting levels, much like everywhere in Brazil these days.

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Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 10:19 AM

mr bertini welcome1

The market for smart phones and tablet computer Apps is booming.  What appeared to be nothing more than a gimmick even a couple of years ago is now coming of age.  Apps may not only revolutionize the private healthcare market, some of them also have the potential to influence how we deal with medicine at home, in hospitals and in medical practices.

MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf (November 14-17) will provide an overview of the latest health industry app trends and some sample applications.

Parallel to exhibits on display, the App Circus will be incorporated as a program element into the accompanying MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM (organized in cooperation with “dotopen”).  At the App Circus, innovative health apps will be presented by their creators with the goal of bringing developers, start-up companies and the organizations involved in the software development together with potential users and project partners from the medical sector and on the purchasing side.

Industry experts involved in the concept believe that major and exciting opportunities particularly in the areas of prevention and treatment adherence exist, and could be particularly App-ealing to the health insurance industry (lazy pun intended - feel free to groan).  Some examples of App technologies underway:

  • Patient self-adherence to medicine dosage regimens / dosage reminders / medicine compatibilities
  • Patient self-treatment in the home directed remotely by a doctor
  • Hospital, nursing facility, and private practice access to specialized apps to view up to the minute patient information and treatment data
  Apps panthermedia DetlefKrieger 120   

The above examples show how the development of new Apps for the health sector is an exciting and vibrant topic.  The presentations of new solutions will certainly provide plenty to talk about once again at MEDICA 2012.

Visitor entrance tickets for MEDICA 2012 will be available for advance purchase online starting in August 2012 at

available on appstore To download the MEDICA App,
or find it at the iTunes App Store!



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Singapore: Southeast Asia’s Hot Medical Device Market

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:04 PM

I’ve been lucky to visit the Southeast Asian island-nation of Singapore a couple of times, and came home impressed by the friendliness of its citizens, the orderliness of its society, the gleaming sky scrapers, and its forward thinking approach to business.

However, as a born and raised Chicagoan, I couldn’t get over just how hot I felt there the entire time.  Perched near the equator, temperatures hover around the low 90s the entire year, equally during the daytime and night, and the humidity – oh, the humanity humidity!

To combat the incessant heat, I came to appreciate a refreshing local libation, known the world over as the Singapore Sling – a dandy cocktail created about a hundred years ago by an ingenious fellow named Ngiam Tong Boon, working at the Long Bar of the renowned Raffles Hotel.  If you find yourself in town, I’d highly recommend it.
       the famous Singapore Sling
                       ...but I digress.

But the country is also hot for another reason:

Singapore is taking the lead as one of Asia’s fastest-growing medical device markets.   It has established itself as a trusted and competitive location for leading medical technology companies to design, test-bed, manufacture and launch innovative products for Asia and beyond. The country has in fact emerged as a leading site in Asia for global medical technology companies to carry out key activities ranging from value engineering and medical device innovation to commercial manufacturing and regional headquarter functions. Currently, there are more than 30 leading biomedical science companies that have established their regional or global headquarters and manufacturing bases here.

To meet the demands of this fast-growing and dynamic market, the trade exhibition on medical technology manufacturing, MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2012 is being launched (September 12-14, 2012)!  Jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf Asia and the Singapore Precision Engineering & Tooling Association (SPETA), the show will be held in conjunction with the long-running trade show duo MEDICAL FAIR ASIA and OS+H Asia.

MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2012 will showcase the complete process chain for medical devices, presenting a full comprehensive multitude of components, materials and solutions for the medical engineering industry. The show is expected to attract strong participation from some 150 leading international market leaders from 20 countries as well as 5,000 quality trade visitors from across Asia and beyond.

The exhibition is supported by Messe Düsseldorf in Germany, organizer of COMPAMED, the world’s leading international trade fair for suppliers of the medical manufacturing industry.  And leveraging on Messe Düsseldorf’s expertise in staging the world’s largest and most established medical technology exhibition, MEDICA, the biennial MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA promises to be a key meeting place for industry professionals to network, discover new innovations, learn emerging trends and do business.

It’s a hot opportunity, and perfect excuse to grab a cool Singapore Sling while you’re at it!

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STEP Grants: An Important Financial Resource for U.S. Exporters

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, May 4, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

In the summer of 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama announced the formation of a program known as the National Export Initiative (NEI).  A focus of this initiative was the goal of doubling U.S. exports within 5 years and to give America a stronger competitive edge in the global market.  Later that fall, he signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 – which provided the resources to assist small businesses drive economic recovery and create jobs, striving to attain the goals set forth in the NEI.   obama signing

ABOVE: President Obama signs the Small Business Jobs Act, September 27, 2010. (Win McNamee, Getty Images.)


The State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) grant initiative, launched under the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, is a pilot grant program authorizing up to US$ 90 million in grants to the 50 U.S. states (and additional territories) over a three year period to help them increase the number of businesses that export, and to increase the value of exports by small businesses.

In 2011, the STEP program awarded 52 grants totaling US $30 million – an average grant to a U.S. state or territory was US$ 577,000.


Administered and distributed via most U.S. state-based economic development agencies, these funds are designated for authorized activities that including foreign trade missions, design of international marketing products, and of course:  OVERSEAS TRADE SHOWS SUCH AS THOSE ORGANIZED AND PRODUCED WORLDWIDE BY MESSE DUESSELDORF!

Each state has its own project plans and STEP grant dispersal procedures, so be sure to contact your state’s economic development agency for details (a full list can be found HERE).

Don’t delay:  There's money on the table.

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Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 11:38 AM

...or Howta SendYerStuff to Brazil

HOSPITALAR 2012 is just around the corner, and everything is shaping up for another exciting and more successful trade show than ever.  The largest medical industry event of South America is on track to feature over 1,250 exhibitors and is expected to draw over 85,000 trade visitors.

Clearly exciting things are happening in the Brazilian healthcare market, and US exporters are taking notice!



 Hospitalar 007 450                                                          

At this year’s show alone, the number of US-based direct exhibitors has increased by 36% compared to last year, and in fact the North American Pavilion – produced and organized by Messe Duesseldorf North America – is 56% larger than in 2011. 

But despite these impressive results, many companies from overseas who participate at this, or any trade shows in Brazil, get caught in a Brazilian shipping and customs quagmire that can turn a company’s best laid trade show plans upside down.

Hence: A few words about Howta SendYerStuff to Brazil.

describe the image   Brazilian customs clearance procedures for incoming and outgoing freight shipments for trade shows within Brazil are very detailed and time-consuming, and the authorities are rigid and exceptionally rigorous in the enforcement of the prevailing Brazilian customs regulations.

Standard Brazilian cargo handling, transfer, and storage charges, along with compulsory Brazilian customs bonding fees, taxes, and other sometimes unforeseen cargo handling expenses often may be viewed as high by overseas exhibitors.  In some cases, the cost of shipping alone can far exceed the cost of the exhibit space itself!

Standard Brazilian cargo handling, transfer, and storage charges, along with compulsory Brazilian customs bonding fees, taxes, and other sometimes unforeseen cargo handling expenses often may be viewed as high by overseas exhibitors.  In some cases, the cost of shipping alone can far exceed the cost of the exhibit space itself!

To ensure that each international exhibitor’s requirements are handled expertly and as smoothly as possible, Brazilian show management companies appoint a locally-based customs broker to handle ALL in-coming and out-going shipments to and from their trade fairs.

Far in advance of the trade show, at least three months or more, it is highly recommend that the overseas exhibitor start working with its locally-based freight forwarder of choice to review its shipping options, paperwork requirements, and of course to secure cost estimates.  It is particularly important to select a freight forwarder that has experience in shipping to Brazil, or better yet a freight forwarder that specializes specifically in international trade show shipping.

Simply selecting an international freight forwarder based upon the lowest price quotation, or attempting to send show materials with an international courier service in order to save a few dollars can be risky and result in a shipment not arriving at the booth in time for the show!

Furthermore, all export documentation must meet exact requirements, and all shipments must be pre-authorized by Brazilian customs authorities before they can be shipped out of the United States to Brazil.  Items for temporary import and items that will be given away and/or consumed during the exhibition must be packed and precisely documented separately, and sent in separate crates.

Messe Duesseldorf North America has been the official marketing and sales office for HOSPITALAR for more than a decade and can coach U.S. companies in all aspects of their trade fair planning for this important event!

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The Gateway of India

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Thu, Jan 19, 2012 @ 16:13 PM

The Gateway of India is an 85 foot tall archway designed to commemorate the visit of England’s King George and Queen Mary to India in 1911, and is undoubtedly Mumbai's most famous landmark.

Likewise, it seems befitting that Mumbai would be home to the country’s most important medical industry trade fair, MEDICAL FAIR INDIA!  This important show will return to Mumbai March 2-4, and again will be the perfect “gateway” for international companies pursuing the exciting opportunities in this booming market.
      mumbai Gateway of India
The Gateway Of India (Mumbai)

The Indian healthcare sector has emerged as one of the largest service sectors in India.  Healthcare spending has been rising at around 12% annually and will contribute to around 8% of the country’s GDP this year with a value of around US$ 78.6 billion.  By 2020, the Indian healthcare sector is forecast by some industry analysts to reach US$ 280 billion!

Better standards of living as a result of increasing education and income is triggering this ongoing and remarkable growth, leading to ever higher demand for quality medical treatments, and resulting in rising demand within India for ever more modern forms of diagnosis and therapy treatments.

Yet while demand for high-tech products is ever increasing, the domestic Indian market offers mostly low-tech products. And this opens the doors for U.S. companies looking to expand their international sales and export opportunities!

Nearly 300 exhibitors are expected to showcase the newest international technologies and equipment for the medical industry to about 6,000 trade visitors.  This year, Illinois and Minnesota will be officially represented at the show with delegations of companies from their respective states, as will the U.S. be represented by a U.S. Pavilion organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce office in India!

Following the demands of the market, MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is also adding two new segments to the show: medical components and rehabilitation equipment.

The show is organized by Messe Duesseldorf (renowned as the organizer of the world-leading MEDICA trade fair, as well as COMPAMED and REHACARE) and its Indian subsidiary office, Messe Duesseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. The show is supported by AIMED, the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry.

For further information about exhibiting in or visiting MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2012, contact us for details. We hope you can join us at India’s medical industry gateway this year!

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