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The Season of Thanks 2014

Posted by Robert Self on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 @ 13:57 PM

As late November rolls around each year, we begin to prepare the extensive lists, arrange invitations, reconnect with relatives, and finally, gather for a time of thanks. This routine, while most commonly associated only with the Thanksgiving holiday, is reflective of trade show management. Therefore the MDNA team would like to take a moment for giving thanks to all of our exhibitors and visitors.

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First, we would love to give the most obvious thanks: thank you for doing business with us. Without your commitment to our shows, we wouldn’t be here. Plain and simple. We love our job. Seriously. To us, it is the best gig because 1). we get to interact with our clients to form more personal bonds – 2). our job is like a puzzle, piecing together the many different components to a successful show, and we love a good game – and 3). we get to see an amazing end product at each of our events, and we even get insights into the future of multiple industries, from medical, to wine, to energy sectors! With your cooperation, we get to keep doing what we love, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Second, we are thankful for the open communication you, our clients, have with us. Preparing for a show is no joke – we understand you have a serious job on your hands! When you think about it, you have to organize the booth, designs, shipping, contracts, budgets, meetings, flights, ….. need I go on? You deserve so many kudos for all that preparation and work. Because there is so much to keep track of, we are thankful whenever you seek reminders, ask questions, learn about European shows, and follow up with our marketing efforts. We also love it when we get suggestions, because the end-user experience is what we strive to perfect.

Now, as you have probably extrapolated from previous blog posts, we feel close to our clients. So for our third “thank you”, we would just like to say we are thankful for those aforementioned relationships we form with our clients. That open communication could very easily be cut and dry, question and response, bland and boring. But you choose to talk with us every time. You choose to greet us like old relatives each time we meet at a show. Essentially, to repeat myself, you make this the best job.

We wish we could go on at length about everything, for which we are thankful, but we simply wouldn’t have enough time. Most important for us is that we communicate these thanks to our exhibitors so that it is well known that we value the partnerships we form. We want you to know you are in good hands, and that we sincerely try our hardest to make your experiences the best they can be.

The holiday seasons are upon us, but winter doesn’t have to be as scary as in Game of Thrones! This season is for family and friends, but we believe there is no harm or foul in extending our love of the season to our clients, business partners, and colleagues. So take a quick moment to let us know what you’re thankful for this year. And while you’re at it, spread the cheer around your own office. After all… ‘tis the season!

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