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Dusseldorf Breweries - #Altbier

Posted by Brigitte Cox on Tue, May 4, 2010 @ 15:12 PM

‘Altbier' from Dusseldorf (literally old beer) is part of the longstanding art of brewing. Freshly tapped, it's not only loved by Dusseldorfers, it's a delicious treat to taste for all visitors! There are several breweries in Dusseldorf with long traditions and history. Try one - or try a few. It's definitely worth exploring, each with its own style of Altbier to savor.

Foto Schumacher
Brauerei Schumacher
Oststrasse 123, Tel. 0211-326004

A brewery with a long tradition, Schumacher bought the brewery in 1838, including the pub with its attractive wood carvings. The atmosphere is jovial around the long, scoured wooden tables.

zum Schiffchen
Brauerei Zum Schiffchen
Hafenstrasse 5, Tel. 0211-132421
As the name suggests, this brewery stands on the site of a former sailor's bar that dates back over 400 years. Nowadays locals and tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the excellent ale and food.

Im Füchschen
Ratinger Strasse 28, Tel. 0211-137470

Its coat of arms contains a fox - and an ale is brewed here, which is among the best of its kind. Good, down to earth Rhenish food is served and the pub also has its own butcher shop offering sausages to go.

Zum Uerige
Bergerstrasse 1, Tel. 0211-866990

A truly authentic brewery with a warm, welcoming atmosphere apparently attracting most of Dusseldorf. A popular house specialty, pea soup, is served on Saturdays.

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