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You Won’t Lose Track if You Take a Train

Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 @ 11:47 AM

img35      Taking public transportation someplace is always a good bet.  Not only is it better for the environment, it also will save you time and parking costs.  We always encourage everyone to take advantage of Duesseldorf’s world-class public transportation network.  The trains run like clockwork – punctually and on time almost without exception, and frequently.

An added bonus:  If you’re planning to exhibit in or visit one of our many trade shows in Duesseldorf, your exhibitor pass and/or your admission ticket doubles as your ticket for travel within Düsseldorf’s regional public transportation network, known as the VRR.  Modes of travel include all buses, subways, trams, and regional commuter lines (2nd class).  The VRR system covers all of Duesseldorf as well as some outlying suburbs.

Visitor entrance passes/badges to the trade show include free public transportation to and from the show on the day(s) of your show visit.

Exhibitor entrance passes/badges are valid for free public transportation 2 days before, during, and 2 days after the show.
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Depending on which show you are attending, this “combi-ticket” concept is extended to an adjacent public transportation network known as the VRS, the nearby city of Cologne’s regional transportation network.  Details about exactly what public transportation zones are included with the visitor or exhibitor entrance pass/badge are printed on its backside.  These details can also be found on the trade show’s registration webpage.

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If staying outside the VRR Zone, and the VRS Zone is not covered by your exhibitor or visitor pass, it will be necessary to purchase a ticket to the perimeter of the VRR Zone, and then for the rest of the journey within the VRR Zone there will be no additional public transportation charges.

If the trade show's official registration web site AND the back of your entrance pass/badge specify that both VRR and VRS are included in the free transportation plan, then you do not have to purchase an additional ticket in order to travel from any city located within the VRS Transportation System.
For additional details, links, and pricing examples, visit the travel page at our website!

And while you’re in town – think about visiting the nearby city of Wuppertal to ride an original, 110 year-old suspension monorail.  It’s operated by the VRR, so your ticket will cover the ride! 

So with that, we’ll finish here with a pun about monorails because they always make for decent one-liners!




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