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Posted by Ryan Klemm on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 10:19 AM

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The market for smart phones and tablet computer Apps is booming.  What appeared to be nothing more than a gimmick even a couple of years ago is now coming of age.  Apps may not only revolutionize the private healthcare market, some of them also have the potential to influence how we deal with medicine at home, in hospitals and in medical practices.

MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf (November 14-17) will provide an overview of the latest health industry app trends and some sample applications.

Parallel to exhibits on display, the App Circus will be incorporated as a program element into the accompanying MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM (organized in cooperation with “dotopen”).  At the App Circus, innovative health apps will be presented by their creators with the goal of bringing developers, start-up companies and the organizations involved in the software development together with potential users and project partners from the medical sector and on the purchasing side.

Industry experts involved in the concept believe that major and exciting opportunities particularly in the areas of prevention and treatment adherence exist, and could be particularly App-ealing to the health insurance industry (lazy pun intended - feel free to groan).  Some examples of App technologies underway:

  • Patient self-adherence to medicine dosage regimens / dosage reminders / medicine compatibilities
  • Patient self-treatment in the home directed remotely by a doctor
  • Hospital, nursing facility, and private practice access to specialized apps to view up to the minute patient information and treatment data
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The above examples show how the development of new Apps for the health sector is an exciting and vibrant topic.  The presentations of new solutions will certainly provide plenty to talk about once again at MEDICA 2012.

Visitor entrance tickets for MEDICA 2012 will be available for advance purchase online starting in August 2012 at

available on appstore To download the MEDICA App,
or find it at the iTunes App Store!



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Topic of the Week: Düsseldorf Doesn’t Disconnect

Posted by Daniela Knoll on Wed, Apr 8, 2009 @ 22:39 PM

Though you may be thousands of miles from home, you should never feel disconnected while in Düsseldorf. There are many ways to stay in touch while at our shows.


Bring a laptop
Chances are, you or someone in your booth will bring a laptop computer. The Düsseldorf exhibition center has an extensive wireless network, so all you need is a laptop with wireless capabilities & to purchase vouchers from the Telekom office (look for the big, pink "T" if you order them on-site). Vouchers are good for either 60 minutes, 1000 minutes, or for a 24 hour period.

International Lounge
There are computer terminals available in the international lounge near the service center if you just need to check your mail or even print. The lounge manager will request that you keep your computer time to 15 minutes!

Dedicated Internet
You can always order a broadband line for your booth through the Telekom office. This is recommended more if you need a constant connection for your exhibit.

US/North American Pavilion
If you are an exhibitor in the US/North American Pavilion, we provide at least one computer terminal in the lounge for your convenience.

Of course, when you're not on our facility, you'll find Düsseldorf to be very well connected. Just about all hotels will offer a business center and internet connectivity in your room (in some cases, at no extra charge!).

Got a tri or quad-band mobile phone or PDA? Turn it on when your plane lands and you will pick up a local network just like when you travel in the U.S. Remember you will probably be in Roaming Mode, so check with your provider on costs - some offer special plans for traveling overseas.

Staying in touch while traveling is important, even necessary. But don't forget to take advantage of a little downtime to "disconnect" once and awhile and have a moment to yourself to enjoy something new!

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